The base ideology to start Annakshetra – To provide Hygienic and Sattvic Food to devotees, food is served from 11 Am to 11 Pm (free of cost). Currently Temple management is expanding Annakshetra to reduce waiting time and queue length, by enhancing the sitting capacity. Lifetime Member (AJEEVAN SADASYTA) Shri Ganpati Mandir Khajrana, in the ongoing Annakshetra, devotees can make for himself and his/her beloved one’s birthday, marriage anniversary day or his/her berloved one’s memory / death anniversary and increase their Dharma Kosh by depositing a cube in religious investment in Annakshetra. One can get the virtuous benefit of food donation by offering food to visitors, saints, pundits, common people on a fixed date in the Annakshetra for hole life time on deposition of amount Rs. 51000/- , Rs. 75000/- , Rs. 100000/- or Rs. 125000/- One Day Member(EK Divsiya Seva Sadasyta) devotee who wants to get food offered on a particular date can donate as Rs. 3500/-, Rs. 5100/- , Rs. 6500/- or Rs. 11000/-. All such donations can facilitate devotees to get rebate in income tax in clause 80 GG on submission of Donation receipts.